Monday, January 4, 2010

Trip to Florida

Mom was going to take me (and my other brothers) to Florida! We put lots of food and water for the cat (Mopsey).We drove in the car to the airport.When we where waiting for our plane,it seemed forever to me.Finally it was time for us to go to Florida.I couden't wait to get there!

Then I flew on an airplane! I played my gameboy sometimes. I saw lots of clouds and buildings down below. I flew for days and days. Finally the airplane stopped and we were in Florida! We saw lots of thinkgs in Florida. We went to a disgusting ride and some others. The disgusting ride (it wasn't a ride) that made water all over us like spit. The other one was the Buzz Lightyear ride. We went on a cart ride, too.

Then I saw a house and the people who owned it were Grandpa and Nana! I went to greet them. They were kind and happy to see us. I went to a water sprinkler, thut their were too much horseflies that we left earlier. We stayed for about three weeks. We saw many things in Florida. We stayed in Grandpa's and Nana's house.

One day I was looking outside and thinking about going to first grade. Then it was time to go home. We waved to Grandpa and Nana and went home. It seemed shorter going home than going to Florida. Although I was sad to leave Florida. I was happy to go home and go to first grade.