Monday, November 29, 2010

Not on Tuesday, You Don't

We should not speak on Tuesdays or we won't like what will happen.  Listen!  Don't speak on that accursed day, or the god Mars will smash his planet on your house.  He will send his deadly scepter on you.  It will either kill you, or damage you permanently.

He will not allow you to speak again!  He will get you and eat you with "Heavenly Sauce:  Good and Nutritious."  The label says,"Contains honey, cheese, chocolate, eggs, secret ingredient, fire ball, milk, apple skins, salsas, pumpkin, a very yellow potassium fruit, glass, and meat." and "CAUTION: contains milk ingredients, and only gods should eat this."

So don't speak on Tuesdays unless you want adventure.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I made these tessellations myself. There nice, arn't they? I think there repeatable (except for the one on the right bottom). I think that the one that's next to the right bottom and under the white pattern looks like a rose. I like the bee-hive pattern. The top left one may be small, but it is symmetrical. The orange one is known as a rectangle. The middle left one is like a  star.