Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Chemistry.  It is used all the time.  When we want to see how cold it is, we see on a thermometer.  We use chemistry to make thermometers because we know about mercury.  Mercury is a liquid and it expands and contracts as the air around it is hot or cold. Chemistry is also used to keep plants alive. The plants around us need nitrogen, but they can't get it from the air. Thanks to nodules (that have nitrogen), they stick to plants and give nitrogen.  We have such a life with science on our side!

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Horror!

Woe is me!  I have to write a paper about "How great it is to study math." It all started as a sunny, cold morning. I went downstairs untold about the horror that awaited me. And I was forced to write this terrifying paper:

Math is nice to study. Once you start studying, it's hard to stop. (Does it seem like a lie to you? Don't think about it.) I hope you study a lot of hard math, like 3+4 (no, not really. I mean math like 2,062 x 4,893). So study really hard and try to do well and you (at least I hope) will get 100% on your math test.

See? I told you it was full of horror!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece is amazing to learn about. Ancient Greece loved war. One of the most war-like rulers was "Alexander the Great." He took over places like Egypt, Perisa,Turkey, Iran,and Pakistan. Alexander seemed unstoppable, but Alexander did not die of old age or battle; he died by a fever. The Greeks lived through many periods of time like the Dark Ages,the Mycenaean period, and the Classical period. There were a lot of cities the Greeks had such as Macedonia, Sparta, and Athens.Their main enemy was Persia. The Greeks had plenty of ideas which started lots of ideas for the modern days.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Hobbits are so little and they are fun to learn about. Hobbits like to stay in one little place salled "The Shire." Hobbits don't like to leave their little homes to go on an adventure, but sometimes they do. There were extraordinary adventores witth two hobbits called Frodo and Bilbo. If you would like to know more about hobbits, look in the Prologue of Lord of the Rings.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Swimming in Memory

Once in my life, I went to a swimming pool. I got a lot of lessons about swimming and I think that I could swim in a shallow part of the ocean (except that there are sharks in the ocean). I learned how to swim in pools that I could not walk in. And in the end, I got a paper that said, "Certificate of Participation," so I know I am a winner.