Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Super Elf and the Dragon

Once upon a time in Iceland, there were two heroes named Super Elf and Amazing Emperor. They saw a lion 60,142 meters tall named Dragon. It used its magical powers to make the sun so scorching hot that the crops died. Its evil, destructive, one-eyed face showed that it wanted to take over the world.

Super Elf and Amazing Emperor flew to a volcano where Dragon was planning its next evil move. Super Elf shot fire from his middle finger, but Dragon dodged it. Super Elf got out his sword, but Dragon burned it with boiling hot fire from its mouth. Amazing Emperor was thinking hard. Amazing Emperor decided to send the magic lightning from the dark clouds on Dragon, so they did. Dragon was hurt, but he wasn't hurt by the power of the lightning, he was paralyzed. Suddenly, there was a rumble. The volcano was going to erupt! Elf and Emperor escaped, but not Dragon. Elf and Emperor were praised all over the world!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

The House of the Sixty Fathers

The story of "House of Sixty Fathers" takes place in World War II.This is a story about a boy named Tien Pao.He saw one day water buffalows. One of them drove out the stake from the ground. Tien Pao was washed away by the current to the Japanese territory.

Tien Pao was brave which is one of the reasons I liked the book. He was brave to come in the mountains where the Japanese. He was also brave to warn Liutenant Hamsun.

He was also hopeful in the book. He took the little hope to wait at a rock and look for his family in an airplane.

Do you think he'll find his parents? Read the book and find out.