Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bikinman's Voyage Continued

Chapter Four: Land

"Hey" said Bikinman. I think it's lunchtime.

"It is time, so let's get it" said Ampinman. After Bikinman's lunch, he looked around. At North, he could see land. East, water. West, water. South, Japan. He went (still) North. After six minuts (exactly) seven seconds and 100 milla seconts, he was on land. (Of course Japan to Rusha (which is where they are) was seven days, six hours, nine seconds and 100 millaseconds.)

Ampinman asked, "What happnd?"

"We landed! Don't you see? Are you blined?"

He got out a map. "It's ... we're in.. RRRR Ru-Rusha!" said Bikinman.

"No-yes." said Ampinman. "Rushiah desen't... Rusha!" said Bikinman Rusha has not black-men. Yes, it dosent. It is not Riushia."

"Rusha" said Bikinman.

Chapter Five: Sleep

Hmmm.. said Bikinman. "It's time for beddy-by."

"It sure is" said Ampinman.

"Then why are you standing there? Let's go to sleep."

"Umm, were are we going to sleep?" said Ampinman.

In our ship, of corse! Said Bikinman. Where else?

"Umm.." said Ampinman a dich. Bikinman sighed.

Whel let's go to sleep. So they did.

Chapter Six: A Rushian

Bikinman awoke at 1:00. Ampinman woke at 1:25. Brefast was at 2:25. At 6:30 they saw a black dot. It sometimes flew up to the clouds and went down. Bikinman said it was a Clomisotum (It lives in Coso). Ampinman said it was a Nosimontimx (which lives in Cos, but is a different name for Clomisotum.)

"It's Rushian man" said Bikinman. So Bikin man allowed him to be a part of the team.

Chapter Seven: A New Teamate

Ah, said Bikinman. I think its time for lunch. So for lunch it was cholate beef with a gold pice in the middle and drank coffy. Bikinman looked around.(It was September) He saw a black dot. Oh man! Said Bikinman Not again! I don't want anouther one!(he didn't mean it.) He saw September man! Of course he only comes at September. So he was part of the team.

Chapter Eight: The Advencher Startes

So, said Septemberman. Let's go out! Why I cam was to have an advencher! I also want to go outside.

OK, said Bikinman. "Just we got to get some map. Amhem. We got to get some map."

"Whatever" said Bikinman.

"I got a map anyway," said Septemberman."

You do? asked Bikinman.

Shure, said Septemberman.

So they went off.

To be continued!

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Claire said...

What an adventure these guys are having! I wish I could see Russia!