Wednesday, November 11, 2009

History of Japan

Japan is an amazing place. Japan didn't start out with anyone that told them what to do. Instead they started out killing each other for more property. They like baseball and Judo.

One time there was a battle at Mongolia and Japan. What happened was a King named Kublai Khan wanted Japan to give him money, but Japan refused so Kublai Khan sent his fleet to Japan, but many sank and the remaining ones had to turn back. Although Kublai Khan didn't give up. He sent them again,but this time Japan killed them.This time Kublai Khan sent 200,000 men in 4,000 ships, but he made two big errors. First, he used rowboats because he didn't care were he got them. Seconed, he used Chinese shipbulders as slave labors. You should know that Japan knows that that their coming back, and they did. And many rowboats sank and the rest turned back. The Japanese thought their gods won the battle for them. They had not a clue that they were using rowboats.

The end.


Luke Holzmann said...

"They had not a clue that they were using rowboats."

[smile] Love it, Elf! Keep up the good work, even when it's hard.


Sue said...

Yes, the Japanese believed that the Mongols were defeated by "divine winds", which in Japanese is "kamikaze". That word became very famous world wide many years later. Ask your mom about that one.

The mongol attacks took place in an area of Japan called Kyushu, not too far from where my husband was born.

I really enjoyed reading your post. Great job!

Sue in Japan

Daddy Forever said...

Thank you for history lesson. I learned something new today.

Anonymous said...

I'm very impressed by what you've written at your age! It's very interesting, too.

Dedicated Elementary Teacher Overseas