Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece is amazing to learn about. Ancient Greece loved war. One of the most war-like rulers was "Alexander the Great." He took over places like Egypt, Perisa,Turkey, Iran,and Pakistan. Alexander seemed unstoppable, but Alexander did not die of old age or battle; he died by a fever. The Greeks lived through many periods of time like the Dark Ages,the Mycenaean period, and the Classical period. There were a lot of cities the Greeks had such as Macedonia, Sparta, and Athens.Their main enemy was Persia. The Greeks had plenty of ideas which started lots of ideas for the modern days.

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Blondee said...

My son Gavyn loves learning about Alexander the Great...his favorite fact about him was that his horse was afraid of it's own difficult it must have been to try to ride a horse afraid of it's shadow!