Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ancient Egypt

Egypt was a great civilization. Ancient Egyptians built gigantic statues. They made plenty of humongous burial places for pharaohs called "pyramids." But there are many facts most people don't know about the life in ancient Egypt.

You should know that there were different rules about how to behave in ancient Egypt than today.  Parents gave their babies fried mice to teethe on.  There were rules for eating in ancient Egypt such as, "Don't stare at your food."

Most of Egypt was desert.  This is where hidden tombs were.  Next to the Nile River, where they harvested in spring, the land was black.  They called that place the "black land."   They grew barley and wheat as well as vegetables like beans, onions, and lettuce and fruits like figs, grapes and dates.  The ancient Egyptians were able to make a civilization to remember.

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