Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Summer: Historical Fiction Part I

One day,I was growing pumpkins. I was going to make the biggest pumpkins ever! Then when I fell asleep, squirrels came,and ate 4 pumpkins and spared 1.When I awoke,I saw only 1 pumpkin left and I was broken-hearted. I got some water for the pumpkin still sad,but little did I know was that THAT pumpkin was controled by a vilinus germ called Bikinman.

I kept on doing a cycle that I didn't know about. It went like thisl:every drop of water I gave the pumpkin the more steam it gave to the robot that was inside it! One day I went outside to water the pumpkin as usual.Then a blinding flash came on my eyes. When the flash was gone,I saw a giant pumpkin that was now carved and was a jack-o-lantern! And then it got iron arms and legs!And so, the adventure began!

The jack-o-lantern looked like a head with arms and legs on it,gross with a capital G. I saw it destroy 39 blocks,but I coudn't do anything about it. The Police Staton was crushed. Then Ampanman the Superhero and his partners Miss Mampanman,Breadman,and Walnutman destroyed the jack-o-lantern and scared away Bikinman only to make Bikinman make a new plan. What plan was Bikinman going to do? Find out next time.

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