Thursday, June 9, 2011

What it is like on day offs

Somtimes you wonder what to do at summer break.Play vidio games and hope to play outside and eat and sleep.Thats basicly what summer break is to me.Also I'm looking foward to my birthday and my bros' birthday.And you get kind of get a shorter fuse when you go back to schoool. If you have advice for what to do then tell me in your comment imediatly(We do NOT have a swimming pool).


Anonymous said...

I like chicken. You should eat chicken.

Blondee said...

Hi Elf!!

We do not have a swimming pool, either. :/

My kids like to fill a bucket with water and use squirt guns to soak each other, or fill water balloons and have a war! Sometimes we hook up the sprinkler to the hose and cool off with that. We also like to tie a rope between two trees and fling a HUGE blanket over it to make a little 'tent' and then read in there or just hang out and play.

Hope you have a great summer!!!

De Chao said...

What I do to de-stress at school is, I'll rub and quietly tap my forehead just above my eyebrows. What I like to do for fun is read, listen to music, and write. I've been doing that most of this summer.