Friday, January 7, 2011

My Dad Drinks Pop

You are now seeing proof that my dad drinks pop. All day I serve pop to my dad. I go up the stairs and find the pop. Next, I go and take the pop and bring it down. Afterward, I give the pop to Dad. Then, I have to watch him drink it. OH, THE HORROR! AHHH! Actually, I do it on my own free will. Thank you for reading.


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Blondee said...

That is so nice of you to bring pop to your Dad. I bet he appreciates it when you do that for him.

I think it's funny to hear the word 'pop' for soda. I have read that in different parts of the country people call 'pop' different things. Here in New York most people call it soda or call all soft drinks 'Coke' even if it's not really Coke, it might be Pepsi or Mountain Dew. Strange, huh?

I also think it's funny because 'pop' is what my kids call their Grandfather. He is their 'Poppy' and they call him Pop for short.

You did a very nice job writing this, I enjoy reading your work. Have a good weekend. :)