Friday, January 28, 2011

Sam's Story, Part II

Sam knew that he had to worry about the present and the future. Right now he had to:

1: get his potato seeds and potatoes for food
2: find shelter.

And then cry. He had to worry about the living before he cries for the dead.

After he did the first step, he noticed that every-one had no home because of the fire. Sam thought :Why would the figures want to attack? What would they gain?

Sam, after some thought, decided to go out of Bag End to live in another place. It was hard because he wondered what would happen if he left like the time in "Lord of the Rings" when the Ruffians took over, but he was forced to leave, for the sake of his children.

When he was almost out of Bag End (with his children) he stopped. He saw the figures. He hid with his children. The figures went into the mud puddle in front of Sam! Sam followed them with what was left of his family down into the mud.

To be continued...

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