Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Paper Polish Pottery

My brother and I have made "Paper Polish Pottery." I am thinking you want to know how to make it, too, pal.

You start by thinking what pattern you want it to be like. I would suggest a simple one so it would be easier on your first time. Your pattern should be symmetrical. Then get a stamp you make when you dab it on a cup, plate, or bowl like the one you thought of. You dab the stamp in some paint and then put it on the kitchen utencil, etc. and paint around it. Voila! You've got "Paper Polish Pottery."
My pattern was a fish scale. My mom cut the sponge to make the stamp the shape I wanted. It was very fun. You would enjoy it, too. Thank you for reading!


Phat Love said...

cool "Paper Polish Potter", looks pretty nifty! :)

Adelaide Dupont said...

The stamp is a good way of covering the plate (it would probably work well with potatoes, too).

I really enjoyed looking at the symmetry and you at work. It was calming and relaxing.

Blondee said...

Great job!!